The departure of Messi, coinciding with the crisis in Barcelona, ​​the complete absence of transfers from Real Madrid, stalled Atlético. The Spanish Championship this season has become obviously weaker, although the intrigue has increased in it. Despite the confident leadership of the Royal Club, there is no firm confidence that Ancelotti’s team will be enough for a long distance, which means that strange pursuers like Sevilla and Betis or the very same Atletico may seize their chances. If you are interested in betting, check out matched betting Canada for the best betting options.

However, the season is very difficult for the reigning champions. Only this week, Atlético escaped a major UEFA Champions League flop, gnawing Porto’s throat away from the bottom of the table to move straight to second place and advance to the playoffs. In the championship, things are not going better – here do not gnaw, and a handicap of 10 points from “Real” was formed quite imperceptibly.

And so, in order to return to the championship race, the “mattress” had no choice but to defeat their eternal neighbours on their own field. Why not? Ancelotti last lost a home league game at the helm of Real Madrid in a derby. True, back in 2014. From the very first minutes, the guests clung to their rivals with a stranglehold. This all led to several dangerous moments, but practically without blows. But the very first danger from Real Madrid was converted into a goal.

It all started with Modric, who made an incredibly steep interception in the center of the field, after which Casemiro dispersed the fast attack of the “cream”. The ball reached Vinicius, who, from the right flank, made a transfer to the penalty line, where Benzema was alone, whose appearance on the field was generally in question. While the Frenchman raised his leg to strike, the air smelled naked – and so it happened. With a gorgeous shot on target, he said hello to the three defenders of Atlético, who were closer to their goal than the French. Real Madrid took the lead in the derby.

However, the goal scored did not change the game for the better. He strengthened the hosts in the belief that they had to play in a counterattacking manner, and he added stiffness to the guests – another mistake in defense and go and save such a game. In such a light lethargic dream, the remaining time of the first half flew by imperceptibly.

A really sharp reaction of the “mattress makers” to what was happening on the field was already evident shortly before the whistle for a break. Griezmann fired a dangerous free-kick, testing Courtois’s reaction. The Belgian in a beautiful jump averted the threat from the goal, and with it all the hope of Atlético for a return goal in the first half of the game.

During the break, there were some interesting changes. Ancelotti removed Benzema from the game, which was planned from the very beginning. After all, the Real Madrid scorer could have missed the derby due to muscle damage. Simeone, on the other hand, released Lemar and Felix on the field, which radically changed the picture of the game played by the guests. Particularly noted was the young Portuguese, who got the role of a free artist in the center of the attack.

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