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Lover of Los Rojiblancos? Want to gain a deeper understanding as to how Diego Simeone always looks to get the best out of his star side?

Atletico Madrid Analysis aims to be the number one web site on the internet dedicated to the red part of Spain’s capital, with the view of being an educational and resourceful tool in helping you acquire more knowledge about one of the country’s biggest clubs!

We share some of the top news stories and give our own take on those stories by providing some detailed analysis, whilst also sharing a number of highly informed opinions that we have in articles that are designed with you in mind.

We also aim to bring you thought-provoking content that will bring to life some of the more important discussions involving the Wanda Metropolitano outfit and help to educate you on the complexities of the analytical side of the game.

With these skills, you will be able to impress anyone you speak to about Atletico Madrid and appear to be one of the club’s superfans with all the knowledge and new insight we aim to bring you regularly!

Of course, all of our contributors are extremely passionate about bringing the very best to you, whilst also being keen to help further your knowledge of the tactical side of our beautiful game.

Do you have any strong opinions on what Simeone’s side are doing tactically right or wrong? Do you have the ability to write them down in an analytical way, whilst also being able to share them in a way whereby they are easy to read and digest if you were to read them for the first time?

If you have a passion for Los Rojiblancos and are interested in bringing value to the Atleico Madrid Analysis, then why not apply to join the team and write for us?

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